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We bring you this powerful real-time auctioning platform. Use it to your own benefit. With our database of customers you will sell to a bigger reach, which leads to more transparent bidding and higher auction revenue. Hybrid auctions (online and floor) let you have the best of both worlds. 


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You can have peace of mind about the livestock on our auctions. The pictures and videos on our online auctions are mainly from our trusted sellers. As part of a service we can assure that all loading will only be done when one of our agents are present and all parties have adhered to the terms & conditions.  This way we filter the scammers from our platform.

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Easy to bid online

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This once off step is necessary to verify all buyers – each entry will be validated & approved by our office before you can continue.
Call: 067 403 7276 for help

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Click on “All Auctions” and then sign in to be able to bid on the system.

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Go to the specific auction and start bidding.
Remember: Terms and Conditions for each auction is different.

Highest Bidder

You will be notified via email and somebody will contact you when you were the highest bidder.


An invoice will be issued and sent to you. Payment must happen within 7 days. No stock will be moved without prior full payment.

Beeswinkel retains ownership of the livestock sold until payment in lieu thereof has
been received by Beeswinkel from the Buyer in full. There shall be no partial transfer of ownership in
respect of partial payments made in respect of a lot purchased.


Weaners / Speenkalwers

This auction is only for buyers that are interested in weaners.

Hierdie veiling behartig alleenlik speen kalwers wat deur kopers gekoop kan word.

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Cattle Breeding Stock / Beeste Aanteelvee

This auction will only offer cattle breeding stock for sale.

Slegs beeste wat klassifiseer as aanteelvee word in hierdie veiling te koop aangebied.  

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Bulls / Bulle

Bulls are sold separately in this auction.  You can view each bull’s pedigree in their catalogue which you will find just below their photo or video.

Bulle word in hierdie veiling apart aangebied en jy kan blaai deur die veiling en elke bul se besonderhede bestudeer wat op elke lot gelaai is onderaan sy foto of video.

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Cattle Slaughter Stock / Slagvee Beeste

This auction has on offer cattle for slauther purposes.  

Hierdie veiling bied slagvee beeste aan. 

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Store Lambs / Stoor Lammers

Buy store lambs in this auction.

Jy kan stoor lammers koop in hierdie veiling.

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Sheep Rams / Skaap Ramme

Only Rams are on offer in this online auction.

Slegs skaapramme word in hierdie veiling aangebied.

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Sheep Breeding Stock / Skape Aanteelvee

Buy breeding sheep in this auction.

Koop aanteelskape in hierdie veiling.

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Sheep for Slaughter / Skaap Slagvee

This auction has on offer sheep for slaughter purposes.

Hierdie veiling bied aan skape vir slag doeleindes.

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Our Auction Types


We do floor auctions per request. Call us on: 082 800 0405 for more detail


Bidding & Buying Online has so many benefits. You can pre-bid on lots (silent auction).
You can bid on live auctions and experience the adrenaline like in real auctions


While auctioning from the floor we connect the auction with our buyers online via real-time video. Our streaming and bidding happens without delays

Deal Room

This allows for serious buyers and sellers to wheel and deal in a private room (online).
Talk to us if you want this option.


Our auction technology protects our buyers and sellers’ data, as well as anonymity of anonymous bidders.

Sell Online

Send us an e-mail to one of our province email addresses. Our agents are standing ready to get in touch with you. They will visit your farm / location to do the paperwork and to take photos and videos of your livestock.
Or you can call us on:


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